Wednesday 24 April 2024


Angela Rayner aims ‘pint-sized loser’ jibe at Rishi Sunak during PMQs

Angela Rayner labelled Rishi Sunak a “pint-sized loser” after urging the Conservatives to stop “obsessing” about her living arrangements.

Labour’s deputy leader also accused Oliver Dowden of having “stabbed” the Tories’ “biggest election winner” Boris Johnson in the back in order to get his “mate into No 10”.


The Jannie said...

"You've either got or you haven't got class"

A K Haart said...

Jannie - and Angela has less than none.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Some people have taken Labour's Class War policy to heart and dare not show any 'class' in case they are cancelled.

Labour have form in cancelling their women MPs; I guess Rayner is struggling to stay an approved member of the classless class.

Doonhamer said...

Aaargh! Do Hate Crime laws not apply in the Lower House.
In this case, 'lower' being used in its bovine sense.

A K Haart said...

DJ - yes, Rayner is bound to struggle if she keeps presenting herself as working class, because as you say she can't become an approved member of the classless class.

Doonhamer - I suppose unparliamentary language applies, but there is no indication that the Speaker jumped on her.

Peter MacFarlane said...

It's quite a good insult, though, isn't it?

I think of Rishi as the over-promoted middle manager from Accounts, who suddenly finds himself MD and has no idea what to do.

Never mind, he'll soon be gone.

A K Haart said...

Peter - yes he seems to have no idea, although when he's gone we'll have an over-promoted lawyer who thinks he's a leader.