Sunday 21 April 2024


Just Stop Oil eco-protesters plot campaign of airport disruption in threat to summer holidays

Just Stop Oil’s Phoebe Plummer reportedly warned of “disruption on a scale that has never been seen before” at a meeting attended by an undercover journalist. The group has been critical of the airline industry over its carbon footprint.

She said: “The most exciting part of this plan is that [it’s] going to be part of an international effort. Flights operate on such a tight schedule to control air traffic that with action being caused in cities all around the world we’re talking about radical, unignorable disruption.”

Of course the two revealing words here are 'exciting' and 'unignorable'. The rest of it is merely remembered language.

Consider human behaviour over the past thirty years.

Including the comfortable lives of activists.
Including the comfortable lives of journalists.
Including the comfortable lives of scientists.
Including the comfortable lives of politicians. 

Nobody believes the orthodox climate doom narrative.

Nobody ever did.


Sam Vega said...

I still don't believe her. People took up arms against British squaddies and spies just because they wanted a different flag for a small corner of the EU. They took part in gun battles with the professionals, blew up children, assassinated top politicians, covered themselves in faeces, and starved themselves to death.

For something as important as all life on earth, I expect to see a bit more commitment, love. Put your bloody back into it!

DiscoveredJoys said...

If it is to be an international effort then it is likely that protestors might find themselves in receipt of a much tougher response in some parts of the world... perhaps jurisdictions with a more relaxed attitude might be obliged to take note?

dearieme said...

Pity it's not private jets they're going to obstruct. They are notorious for carrying hypocrites around.

A K Haart said...

Sam - yes, it's so pathetic I'm surprised they don't see it. It can't be that they don't know any history, but it's as if they have never grasped the contrast between their games and the horrors of the past.

DJ - I think they will steer well clear of any jurisdictions where they could expect a tougher response. A pity really, but they aren't that daft.

dearieme - yes they are notorious for carrying hypocrites around. Maybe whoever funds them has told them to stick to tourist flights.

Bucko said...

It might be wise to stick to early morning flights while this is going on then. Get to the airport before the climate hippies have got out of bed

James Higham said...

My view is far less charitable.

A K Haart said...

James - I think they are useful idiots attracted to a look at me cause. The people funding them are the sinister ones.