Thursday 25 April 2024

Online Dentist



Sam Vega said...

I've been the victim of a similar scam; I hope they filmed it.

I had a good dentist a few years back, and he was part of the "My Dentist" chain. I assume they are some sort of franchising arrangement. When we moved, I took a lot of time and trouble to find another "My Dentist" in the new town. After all, I wouldn't want to pay for all the X rays and preliminary examination again, when they have all my details on their system and could just ping it across to the new dentist, as part of the economy of scale offered by this big conglomerate.

Yes, you guessed it!

Ker-ching!! went the dentist's till.

A K Haart said...

Sam - sounds like a franchising arrangement where they make it difficult to move around when there are multiple franchises in a city, or a number within fairly easy reach of each other. Something to attract the franchisee.