Tuesday 18 June 2024

Modern cuisine

McDonald's ends AI drive-thru trial after order mishaps

Videos of McDonald's drive-thru "fails" have gone viral in recent months, leading to a "thoughtful" review of the technology.

McDonald's is ending its AI drive-thru trial after customers reported errors in their orders - including bacon being added to ice cream.

As well as topping a dessert with bacon, the AI drive-thru assistant added $211 (£166) worth of chicken nuggets to another customer's order.

Maybe the AI system is telling us something about McDonald's and fast food. 

Which reminds me of the other day when I was standing behind a young woman in a café queue. She was a perfectly normal modern mother. I knew she was a mother because she had the names of her children and their dates of birth tattooed on her rather capacious back.

Looping back to the ancient art of cookery, this young mother had fingernails so long that she could never have cooked anything for her kids apart from shoving something ready made into the microwave. She could slice open the pack fairly easily I suppose.

 Do artificial nails melt easily? I don't know, but if so that's another cookery problem. Maybe daddy did the cooking, or maybe McDonald's.  


Scrobs. said...

Her 'partner' would have also chucked the empty can of some hideous 'energy drink' at our front garden.

Why these lazy, thick individuals seem to think they need energy, when they actually do bugger-all is a mystery...

Sam Vega said...

Maybe AI could actually help with this
"Thanks for your order. From it we can tell that you have a 90% chance of being tattooed with your children's names, and a 60% chance of unfeasibly long nails. You'd be better off walking home and cooking something for your family, but unfortunately I am not programmed to recommend that. That'll be 38 quid, pet."

James Higham said...

Love it. Stealing your post holus bolus!! 0900.

Bucko said...

I don't get the fascination with AI. It's just a bit of computer programming that does stuff, but some people seem to think it's all powerful and can do anything. (And may take over the world, Terminator style)

Me and the Mrs go to a McDonalds drive through for the occasional lunch date. Before taking your order, they've started asking if 'we're using the app today', to which the answer is always no. Whats the point in pre-ordering food on an app when you're using the drive through anyway? If it allowed them to cook the food any quicker, it would be ready before we arrived and go cold

DiscoveredJoys said...

My guess is that McDonalds found that AI-drive throughs were unable to cope with regional or national accents, drunks getting a burger on the way home, and people stunned into incoherence by the extent of menu options facing them.

Tammly said...

AI would be a boon to McD's American drive throughs. They couldn't be shot dead by young black customers, for serving cold fries.

A K Haart said...

Scrobs - they need the energy drink to wash down the double Big Mac with triple fries.

Sam - ha ha - it's what we need though. Rude AI which tells it as it is.

James - no problem, I'm flattered (:

Bucko - they come up with weird mistakes, but I find modern AI impressive, although Siri on my iPhone recently identified a baby goat as a lion in one of our photos. It changed its mind later and identified it as a cougar.

DJ - I think you are right, too much variability in the language. Maybe bacon ice-cream was the best a human could have done too.

Tammly - in some areas I'm surprised they get anyone to do the job.