Wednesday 19 June 2024

Because I can’t stand being lied to

Henry Getley, previously a loyal Labour voter has a gloomy TCW piece on his decision to give up on voting.

Why I’m poll-axing myself

ALONG with the usual junk mail offering me double glazing, funeral plans, investment opportunities, etc, I tore up a somewhat different piece of unsolicited post the other day . . . my poll card for the general election.

I binned it because for the first time in the 54 years that I’ve been eligible to vote, I won’t be doing so on July 4. Instead, I’ll be doing something useful, like mowing the lawn or taking the dog for a walk.

Why? Because, as has long been obvious to most of us, there’s no point in voting. Under Tories or Labour, we always end up in a progressively worse mess. Right now, things are frighteningly dire under the Conservatives – a crippled economy, rising prices, a proxy war, the Net Zero suicide plan, the Brexit betrayal, the covid con, rampant wokery, gender and racial madness, Islamic militancy, a quisling media and uncontrolled immigration, to name but a few. Meanwhile, Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour hordes are jostling to get their snouts into the Westminster trough and take the Tory insanities to even dizzier heights (or depths).

Familiar enough, but it is worth reading the whole piece as a reminder that even some Labour voters may become too tired to care after incessant lying by the major parties. 

As for Labour, Ed Miliband was a predictable write-off, while Jeremy Corbyn had genuine, if idiotic, convictions. Once Corbyn was trounced at the polls, Starmer managed to rise without the inconvenience of any principle or plan. He stands for nothing but getting himself into Downing Street. For all its manifesto waffle, Labour’s only real selling point today is that it’s not the Conservative Party.

Another of the reasons I’m not voting is that I can’t stand being lied to. Blatant, outright, barefaced lies abound. I know being a politician means you’ve got to be a liar – but boy, do we have a prize bunch of truth-twisters in Sunak, Starmer and the rest.


dearieme said...

"Under Tories or Labour, we always end up in a progressively worse mess."

But, but, but ... he's old enough to remember the exception, Mrs T.

Sam Vega said...

Abstaining is certainly a rational and principled stance, and he makes the case well. But I feel there's something a bit wrong with it, along the lines of not being justified in grumbling or resisting after an event that you wilfully turned your back on.

I'll be voting for Reform, even though Farage has probably told a few lies in his "contract". There's no chance of him forming a government, so it hardly matters. I think of it as being like spoiling the ballot paper, but in a mass-coordinated way. Starmer will not be able to write me off as too apathetic to oppose him. He should be made aware that there is a large chunk of the electorate who are radically opposed to Net Zero, mass immigration, and woke waste. It might make him worry about how far he can push us.

A K Haart said...

dearieme - yes, Labour voters do seem to have a problem coping with Mrs T.

Sam - as a Labour voter he probably sees Reform as the unacceptable side of the political divide even though they are aiming to correct at least some of the lies he is so bothered about. He's part way there though.