Friday 21 June 2024


For some reason I woke up this morning thinking what an ignominious thing it now is for Joe Biden to be Joe Biden.

Also ignominious to be Jill Biden and all the entourage of a modern state which has to protect him from his immediate public inadequacies. Plus those who have to pretend that he is the US president and having him sign this and that is all part of the job. All while the rest of the world laughs.

Then seconds later is struck me that it isn’t a good idea to think along those lines and I probably wouldn’t have done so if the thought hadn’t nipped into that strange, ephemeral world of waking consciousness.

Because of course, if we follow that thread it’s an ignominious thing for millions that they voted for old Joe and for that matter it’s ignominious to be intent on voting for any of the mainstream rabble in the UK general election.

In other words it may be better to forget those transient threads of consciousness because we have to live in the world as it is.

The Joe Biden business is still ignominious though.


Sam Vega said...

When I look at his supporters' utterances, or even the media commenting upon him as if he is a viable presidential figure,I really can't decide whether they are desperate liars who cynically pretend that all is well, or fools who are taken in. If they are in the former group, though - hard realists who just want to keep him in power - who do they think they are fooling?

That's one of the main conundrums of our gaslit world: sorting the knaves from the fools. Or perhaps it doesn't really matter any more. I've done the school run, the sun is glittering on the sea, the dog is gently snoring next to me, and the coffee tastes good. Might even have a biscuit in a minute.

Tammly said...

It seems obvious to me that with advancing senility Jo Biden was a figurehead for a controlling cabal behind him. Whose to say that Obama is still president behind the scenes? With the denial of reality inherent in the Liberal progressive democrats, they didn't think his behaviour, whilst mentally impaired, would be noticed by anyone, as long they kept denying it.

dearieme said...

Biden was an odious, dim fellow before he lost his marbles.

Scrobs. said...

You hadn't by any chance been eating a lot of cheese before you retired to bed, did you...?

A K Haart said...

Sam - yes it's a problem when the knaves and fools say the same things and behave in the same way. Maybe we shouldn't try to discriminate, but should assume knavish behaviour to be the behaviour of knaves and that's it.

Tammly - I agree, he's merely a figurehead and Obama or at least his appointees are still running things. They probably thought his senility could be covered up and if not they had Kamala as a spare stooge.

dearieme - yes, he's another example of how destructive voter loyalty can be.

Scrobs - hmm - I do remember a late snack of cheese and biscuits.

James Higham said...

Are we living in the ignominious era?

A K Haart said...

James - through and through.