Saturday 27 May 2023

There is a simple solution

BBC sparks outrage over coverage of 'celebrity fodder' Phillip Schofield's ITV exit

When the news first broke that Phillip was stepping down, BBC News gave a short bulletin that day to reveal the news to its viewers.

However, many viewers were left annoyed and confused that the outlet chose to report on Phillip rather than things they deemed more important.

Newswatch presenter Samira Ahmed reported how BBC viewers were left irritated by the bulletin and said during Saturday's BBC Breakfast: "Viewers thought that Phillip Schofield's departure didn't deserve the prominence BBC News gave it."

Barely needs saying, but the simple and obvious solution is don't watch BBC or ITV. Pumped up trivia, drama and celebrity gossip are what they do. 

Two days ago I must have accidentally nicked the TV aerial cable with my hedge trimmer. I only noticed it yesterday while checking if more trimming was needed - spotted the nick in the cable before I noticed the TV wasn't working. I'll fix it today or maybe tomorrow, but meanwhile we aren't mortified by the loss. 


Sam Vega said...

In a rapidly escalating situation, the BBC's Director General intervened to say that he apologised for BBC presenter Samira Ahmed's inadequate apology for the BBC's earlier articles about another presenter on a different TV channel resigning. He said that he sympathised with those who were aggrieved and traumatised by the brevity of the apology, but also had a duty to inform the public about celebrities. He pointed out that Schofield was indeed a major celebrity, on account of how he was an ageing face-lifted bloke who was married, but who was buckling down to a bit of man-on-man action with other chaps, and who didn't get on with his co-celebrity. "It's great", said the D-G, "to see him come a cropper, and please don't forget to pay your licence fee".

A K Haart said...

Sam - ha ha, very good. Uncomfortably close to how things are though. We know it's probably at least as bad as our worst assumptions.

DAD said...

It was important to the BBC, because he is a homo. All homos are important to the BBC, have you not noticed.

A K Haart said...

DAD - I have noticed. The BBC may know the whole story too.