Thursday, 25 May 2023

Strange activist shortage

Modern slavery most common in North Korea, Eritrea, report says

The report said G20 countries — made up of the European Union and the world’s 19 top economies — are currently importing $468bn worth of goods that are at risk of being produced with forced labour, up from $354bn in the previous report.

Electronics remain the highest value at-risk product, followed by garments, palm oil and solar panels, in a sign of high demand for renewable energy products.

Solar panels eh? Maybe we'll see activists blockading solar panel installers while others spray paint on solar farms. Meanwhile the government could subsidise the removal of all solar panels as a first step in reparations. Or possibly not.


Sam Vega said...

I'm wondering if there's any way we can start a rumour that heat pumps are racist.

Anonymous said...

Only if they come in white and no other colour.

Tammly said...

People have been urging The Goblin of Doom to go and campaign in China.

A K Haart said...

Sam - I'm sure there are viable possibilities. Something to do with stealing heat from the open air?

Anon - the ones I've seen are grey or maybe a silvery grey.

Tammly - to have an effect they should all do that, but somehow I don't think they are quite that keen.