Friday 17 May 2024

Not since 1983

Jeremy Corbyn not fit to be Labour candidate at election, Rachel Reeves says

Rachel Reeves has ruled out making former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn a candidate for the party following its antisemitism row.

The Shadow Chancellor said the Islington North MP, who sits in the Commons as an Independent, is not fit to stand as a Labour candidate.

Rachel Reeves seems to have forgotten that the only thing that changes about Jeremy Corbyn is the colour of his beard. He has never been a fit person to be an MP since first being elected in 1983. It is still possible to boggle the mind by recalling that he was once Labour leader. 

As a bonus boggle it is also worth recalling that in 2019 Keir Starmer said -

‘I do think Jeremy Corbyn would make a great Prime Minister’.


DiscoveredJoys said...

When I'm in a generous mood I am quite happy that eccentrics exist. I have sat on a train while one eccentric cut up sheets of notepaper with a tiny pair of scissors, occasionally exclaiming "Abba abba ba!". People on buses are also a rich seam of individuality.

But the key point is not to put them in charge of anything important as their own eccentricities may distract them. Cutting paper into tiny pieces? Fine. Obsessively underlining passages in books? Fine. Being a Prime Minister? Not so much. There's quite a difference between having a strong character and being and eccentric.

decnine said...

Fair do, Starmer didn't say which country Corbyn would make a great Prime Minister of.

A K Haart said...

DJ - we hear quite a few stories about individuality on buses. A guy waiting for the bus with a half full bottle of vodka in his hand. When told he couldn't bring it on the bus, he quickly gulped down the rest of the vodka, dropped the empty bottle into a nearby bin and got onto the bus.

decnine - good point, he didn't even say which planet.

Sam Vega said...

I don't know which of Starmer's views is more alarming - that some women have penises, or that Corbyn would make a great PM.

A K Haart said...

Sam - it's certainly alarming that he has asserted both views. Add in his willingness to bend the knee and it is already apparent that anyone voting for him is mad.