Thursday, 23 March 2023


Boris Johnson says No 10 leaving do was 'absolutely essential for work purposes'

The former prime minister faced nearly three hours of questions from a cross-party group of MPs investigating whether he misled parliament by denying he failed to follow COVID rules during events at Downing Street.

The concocted tedium of the Boris Johnson party saga is surely a reminder that the establishment will not tolerate unpredictable leaders. That is to say, any leader liable to do something popular but not in accordance with establishment wishes. 

Even though he is no longer Prime Minister, a potential loose canon such as Johnson is still pursued relentlessly and it doesn't matter how trivial the accusations are, nor even how accurate. We saw much the same thing with Donald Trump on a bigger and even more relentlessly fabricated scale. 

Presumably Liz Truss had been identified as potentially unpredictable before she became Prime Minister. Rishi Sunak seems highly predictable, possibly more so than Keir Starmer.    


Tammly said...

I refer you to the cartoon I've already given.

Sam Vega said...

I definitely agree about the predictability. Starmer is busy making himself very predictable. And there's also, possibly, an attempt to maintain the myth that the lockdowns and other measures were absolutely necessary. Once people realise that they were duped, it will be hard to get them back into line.

A K Haart said...

Tammly - I vaguely remember that. On checking cartoons with a loose cannon theme it does appear that he is widely seen as one.

Sam - yes, it's an indication of how ruthless they are. They absolutely refuse to be wrong. It's a huge national weakness but not new of course. Stalin and collective farms for example.