Monday, 28 June 2021

Very likely as far as possible

COVID-19: No early release from restrictions in England, indicates Boris Johnson as it is 'sensible to stick' to 19 July plan

Boris Johnson says he hopes we can "go back to life as it was before COVID as far as possible" after 19 July.

"Although there are some encouraging signs and the number of deaths remains low and the number of hospitalisations remains low, though both are going up a bit, we are seeing an increase in cases.

"So we think it's sensible to stick to our plan to have a cautious but irreversible approach, use the next three weeks or so really to complete as much as we can of that vaccine rollout - another five million jabs we can get into people's arms by July 19.

"And then with every day that goes by it's clearer to me and all our scientific advisers that we're very likely to be in a position on July 19 to say that really is the terminus and we can go back to life as it was before COVID as far as possible."

It would be useful to know what the criteria are here because nothing much has happened since about May 1st. An 'early release' looks more like a very late release where 'very late' looks increasingly like 'never'. What was wrong with today? Nothing as far as I can see. 


Doonhamer said...

Gongs, Knighthoods and Lordships all round then.
And then a full, lots -of-other-officious-adjectives, enquiry by lots of my mates with a publication date sometime after I am dead.
Lessons will be learned. You betcha.

DiscoveredJoys said...

No, lets be fair. At the beginning of May roughly 15 million people had received two doses of vaccine, by 27 June roughly 32 million. For single doses the numbers were 34 million and 44 million respectively.

That is arguably a big change and the one that will end all the lockdowns. I suspect there will be advice for the frailest people to be careful still.

Sam Vega said...

If we unlock too soon, people will be too busy working and socialising to get their jabs. And without jabs, some idiots will start to claim that the pandemic ran its course rather than being heroically seen off by the government.

Ed P said...

This is from Lockdown Sceptics re Australia:

Stop testing the symptomless with inaccurate LFTs or PCTs and the virus will magically disappear. Then we can begin to apportion blame to our useless 'leaders' and their corrupt advisors. Or it could be corrupt leaders and useless advisors, there's not much difference in the damage wrought.

A K Haart said...

Doonhamer - and the main lesson has already been learned.

DJ - to my mind that's too fair to the politics of it.

Sam - that's about it, plus taking political advantage of what appears to be a widespread emotional attachment to the success of vaccination delivery.

Ed - thanks, I've bookmarked that and yes, we should stop testing the symptomless except for good quality research purposes.