Friday, 18 June 2021

But what happens to the poor shoplifter?

Tesco is set to launch its first checkout-free store following a successful trial for staff at its head office over the past year.

Chief executive Ken Murphy said plans are in the early stages but he is hopeful it can match the appeal of similar scan-and-go stores being rolled out by Amazon in the UK.

He said: “We have a system installed in our Express store in Welwyn Garden City (at head office), and we’ll extend that to another store in the coming weeks and months to check it in a more urban environment.

“It’s been opened about a year now, and it’s working really well… One of the joys of machine learning is it is continuously improving, so we’re feeling confident that we can put it into another store with a higher traffic.”


Scrobs. said...

I like the idea! There's a new sort of supermarket coming soon, named 'Mere', where they have just a handful of staff, and kit is sold from pallets - rather like the booze shops in Calais!

But I'd miss chatting with Ms Rita Chevrolet on till four at my local Tesco, and also getting a severe hug from Shirl every New Year's Day...

Sam Vega said...

Wasteful, if you ask me. The Government are pretty certain they know what people need to do to stay healthy and happy, so why don't they just buy up all the supermarket stock, calculate what each household needs, and send it direct to our homes, deducting the cost as extra tax?

A K Haart said...

Scrobs - it may be a good idea to encourage Ms Rita Chevrolet to start a little cafe where the chatting and hugs can be continued in more congenial surroundings.

Sam - a sound idea but I bet they would also deduct bags of crisps, bottles of booze and those huge bars of chocolate. For our own good.