Thursday, 10 June 2021

The circus goes on



I wonder what he means by harmful activities? Dodgy elections? Persecuting your main political opponent? Allowing men to pretend they are women so they can compete in female sports? Pretending we can control the climate?

A considerable amount of effort is being wasted trying to sell Joe Biden as legitimate and capable. The rest of the world may laugh but the circus goes on.


DiscoveredJoys said...

I wonder how soon 'Orange Man Bad' will be replaced by 'Grey Man Worse'?

'Anyone but Trump' was too open to interpretation by those with an axe to grind. And there are plenty of axes.

Sam Vega said...

The lecturer who taught me Soviet politics back in the days of Brezhnev said that analysts and academics used to work hard to understand which shadowy apparatchik was behind the leader's various utterances. Brezhnev himself was clearly so senile and ill and doped up that he couldn't have understood what he was parroting. I assume there must be something similar going on in the academic study of American politics now.

Scrobs. said...

The poor old sod hasn't a clue nowadays! It's like 'Washington behind closed doors' again, with all those manic nutters out to kill everyone, but not sure who!

Camilla Norris is just a third-form looney well out of her dept already, so God help America - who deserve all they got last November!

Scrobs. said...

(Typo - debt = depth, but maybe very apt...)!

Graeme said...

The G will wheel out its Kremlinologists to tell us what Joe is really thinking

wiggiatlarge said...

Yet the media still give him an easy ride, his speech in which he spoke about the young girl in the audience who was nine and he went to speak about her legs and was she nineteen, would have filled the front pages everywhere if Trump had said the same, labels of pedophile would have been bandied about with gay abandon, Biden, nothing, and we are supposed to believe the media is neutral.

Bucko said...

Maybe a good nuclear war is just what the world needs right now...

A K Haart said...

DJ - 'Grey Man Worse' could crop up eventually, but there has been a huge amount of kudos invested in the 'Orange Man Bad' narrative. Biden probably only has to remain upright to keep the circus going.

Sam - I'm sure you are right, something similar must be going on in the academic study of American politics. Presumably there is always something similar with most leaders though.

Scrobs - they only deserve it if the vote was genuine, although those who really did vote for Biden certainly deserve something.

Graeme - or what Jill is thinking perhaps.

Wiggia - you are right, Trump would never have survived that speech. It beats me how he gets away with it. Maybe people see him as simple. Maybe he is.

Bucko - or a military-grade pandemic using a lab-grown virus.