Monday 14 June 2021

How many loons are there?

This is merely a fleeting thought which pops up in the old brain-box every time I browse through the mainstream news. How many out and out loons are there in the media, politics and academia? 

Possibly not a huge number, but it is difficult to escape the conclusion that our culture is being trashed on the whims of a relatively tiny number of people. Loons and charlatans seem to run the show yet most ordinary people are neither. At the moment.

Unfortunately it seems to be spreading and there is no vaccine. Nurture your inner loon seems to be the modern way to enlightenment and that can't be good.


Sam Vega said...

Alex Boot made the point a few days ago that Boris is no fool, but in itself that doesn't help us much as he has little in the way of moral character.

I think Boris has used his considerable intelligence to gain power, but has allowed himself to be influenced by a range of super-loons. He lacks the common sense and vision to tell them apart from wise counsellors. One of the pitfalls of representative democracy: if you gain power on the basis of determining what the people want, then you are at the mercy of those who embody the people's irrationality and childishness. Greta, Attenborough, Marcus Rashford, BLM and XR mobs, tantrum-throwing gays and trannies, indignant middle-class women who have clawed access to the media, Twitter Twats, and whoever emotes loudest. Meet the new bosses.

A K Haart said...

Sam - yes, Boris is no fool but he does lack moral character. It's as if the decline of Christianity has removed a moral lever we once had and now all we have are words which simply place us in a particular political camp. Another moral lever was the ideal of dispassionate scholarship but that has declined too. Another was patriotism.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Sam Vega, that's a good list of the self-centred, but you missed off... NIMBYs, Home-Owner-Ists, pensioners who show no gratitude to the younger folk who are paying tax to fund their pensions, bankers who demand bail outs to fund their £10 billion bonuses each year, etc.

A K Haart said...

Mark - the pensioners I know think ours is the luckiest generation ever. It's not an uncommon observation whenever we talk about retirement.