Friday, 11 June 2021

Only Two Problems



Problem 1. The climate change narrative is riddled with lies, fraud and stupidity. Without wishing to claim an improbable degree of foresight here, this could lead to problems when trying to manipulate the real climate.

Problem 2. China.


Sam Vega said...

Perhaps the plan is to infect China with the climate change narrative before it gets too troublesome. I recommend giving Attenborough a Confucian makeover, and Greta's pigtail would go well with a straw coolie hat.

Ed P said...

Who's the extra man in the official picture of these twits on a Cornish beach? There are nine in the frame: the G7 'leaders' plus (for some unknown reason, as the EU is not G7), Fond-of-Lying, which my calculator makes 8.
Be a shame if they all caught the bugs from their security plods.

Scrobs. said...

I think the 'climate' can deal with anything it has to, despite all these political morons getting in on the act!

To think that an idiot like Biden really understands issues, other than what he's told by other idiots, just about sums up the waste of time, money and energy it is by getting all those twonks down to Cornwall for a gibberfest.

Of course, the money associated with furthering all these mistaken beliefs has already been made and banked, the cost will luckily fall on the weedy shoulders of all the snowflakes who believed it all, but I'll be long gone by then!

A K Haart said...

Sam - good point. The climate change narrative certainly has a number of highly infectious variants and is something to do with bats. Although I don't think it escaped from a lab.

Ed - looks like one of their various presidents, I believe they have quite a few spares.

Scrobs - I wonder if Biden knows where Cornwall is.