Tuesday, 15 June 2021

That shrinking feeling

Derbyshire shopper refused to wear mask claiming it shrunk his manhood

A Derbyshire man was reported to police after complaining that wearing a face covering "shrunk his manhood" and refusing to wear a mask.

The customer even warned other shoppers that the same would happen to them while at a store in the south of the county.

In a metaphorical sense he's probably right.


Sam Vega said...

I suppose it depends on where he was wearing it. Those droplets can carry a heavy viral load, apparently.

Andy5759 said...

Sam, your comment reminded me of an incident many years ago. When I was about thirteen my school games master suggested we boys got jock straps. Dad bought one for me. I was in the rugby team, so mum put it on her head thinking it was a scrum cap. Innocent girl, my mum.

Scrobs. said...


Doonhamer said...

Ah, but would the evidence stand up in court?
On the other hand why do men jam whole oranges in their mouths?

A K Haart said...

Sam - another problem could have been the wire insert which is supposed to be bent around the contours of the nose. He may have the wrong idea with that one too.

Andy - mums could be innocent in those days. Probably not as innocent as we imagined though.

Scrobs - and probably neither is much use to him.

Doonhamer - oranges? Surely only MPs do that.