Friday, 25 June 2021

Incredibly rigorous

Matt Hancock's appointment of university friend Gina Coladangelo would have gone through 'incredibly rigorous' process, says Shapps

Questions about Matt Hancock's appointment of former lobbyist Gina Coladangelo were raised after pictures in The Sun newspaper.

The health secretary's appointment of a close personal friend as an aide would have gone through an "incredibly rigorous" process, a minister has claimed.

Questions about Matt Hancock's appointment of former lobbyist Gina Coladangelo surfaced after pictures in The Sun newspaper appeared to show the health secretary, who is married, kissing the aide in his office.

I'd say incredibly narrow rather than incredibly rigorous. Apparently it's incredibly important to be an old friend. It's a pity pandemic policies are not based on incredibly rigorous analysis though. And climate change policies. And HS2. And...


Sam Vega said...

Well, Ms. Coladangelo is slim, attractive, rich, and shares a university background with Hancock. I'd say that shows a good deal of rigour. All those women he could have had an affair with, and appoint to lucrative positions in his Department - the tea lady, a Lithuanian prostitute picked up in Croydon, a cuddly widow advertising for a younger well-dressed man - he passed over and chose her. To me, that shows real rigour and a sense of purpose.

More than he's shown anywhere else, anyway.

Ed P said...

Cackhanded is going to be the first (hopefully of many) to be sacrificed on the covid altar, with Boris frantically papering over the cracks in his rotten 'government'.

decnine said...

Seems to me that 'incredible' in its original sense of 'unbelievable' is just the right word. Of course, the illiterati (led by HRH the Prince of Wales) insist on using incredible instead of 'very'. Never use 2 syllables where 4 can be subverted into use.

James Higham said...

Gina Crumpet and Heinrich - quite rigorous indeed.

Scrobs. said...

Nice arse, and hers is quite good too.

A K Haart said...

Sam - good point, and he must always have known that only a senior political position would allow him to display his sense of purpose in this way.

Ed - yes he'll probably be sacrificed eventually, but maybe not until he has absorbed as much pandemic blame as Boris can pass on to him.

decnine - it niggles me at times, but it doesn't seem possible to resist these changes even when they don't make sense. I just go along with it.

James - Heinrich?

Scrobs - yes, from whichever angle you look at him he is the complete arse.