Monday, 7 June 2021

Maybe because it is creepy

Downing Street has urged football fans to be respectful of England players who choose to take the knee in a stand against racial injustice.

Boris Johnson's official spokesperson called on football fans to "get behind" the team at the upcoming European Football Championships which kick off on Friday and to support "individuals' rights to protest".

But he did, however, refuse to explicitly condemn supporters who booed members of the England team making the gesture in a friendly game against Romania on Sunday.

There may be many reasons why some football fans are inclined to boo and jeer this particular demonstration of fashionable obeisance. They may boo the divisive totalitarian politics associated with it or they may simply find it creepy. Maybe because it is creepy.


Sam Vega said...

Booing is as legitimate a form of cultural expression as taking the knee. I'm heartened by the fact that Boris didn't explicitly condemn it. It either shows that he has been advised by someone who can think logically, or that he himself has an appreciation of consistency and a pair of testicles.

The booing itself is wonderful. While we still hear it in the UK, there is still hope. At least some people are suspicious of group-think, contemptuous of virtue-signalling, and sceptical regarding identity politics. The delicious irony is that if you do it with a mask on, you can't even be identified from CCTV.

Doonhamer said...

I suppose a mass mooning is a silent alternative.

James Higham said...

I’m not watching these politicised clowns this time round.

A K Haart said...

Sam - I'm heartened that Boris didn't explicitly condemn it too. Maybe masks will soon become a bad idea because of the identification issue.

Doonhamer - good idea - especially if the match isn't worth watching anyway.

James - I haven't watched them much for years. This nonsense just seals it.