Thursday 7 December 2023

The UK’s creative sector will be hit

BBC condemns low licence fee rise warning of impact on creative sector

Lucy Frazer says annual fee for public broadcaster’s services will rise by 6.7% not by 9% inflation rate

The BBC’s governing body has said the UK’s creative sector will be hit by the government’s decision to limit the expected licence fee increase to £10, after the culture secretary confirmed a below-inflation rise.

I assume the reference to the UK’s creative sector is not a dig at the BBC's fact-checking pretensions. Should be but probably isn't.

Yet if the BBC forms a significant part the UK’s creative sector, then the whole lot may as well be hit even harder. Let's give it a really creative hit and save even more money. Saving all of it would be good.


Sam Vega said...

Work out the actual percentage shortfall, after inflation. Find the same percentage of output that is least popular, and bin it. If you need extra cash for redundancy, then bin some more. Continue until you stop complaining. There must be a balance-point sometime before you reach The Archers and anything by Attenborough.

There. Make me Director-General.

Scrobs. said...

By the 'creative effort', I assume they mean the news programmes and their ridiculous political interference...

A K Haart said...

Director-General - it's certainly a plan which is simple enough to explain to government and bound to work going forward in the long run. It's green too, cutting output cuts our power consumption. Maybe we could power all of our output with solar panels too - 100% sustainable programming.

Scrobs - they must mean their news programmes and the environmental stuff because nothing else is anything like as creative.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Perhaps the 'creative sector' will be hit, perhaps not. But if there are fewer production companies engaged to produce programs then I am not 'bothered'. I don't watch those programs, I don't want those programs. Why should I pay?

Getting rid of Gary Lineker (and any other politically outspoken activist) might both save money and set the tone for the future, but I doubt that it will happen. There is too much patronage involved. So... defund the BBC entirely.

A K Haart said...

DJ - I don't see it happening either. The ethical courage just isn't there.

Doonhamer said...

The UK's Creative Sector is long gone.
We do not create, ie, make - steel, ships, railway rolling stock, solar panels, wind turbines, aeroplanes, HP Sauce among many other things you thought were British, engines for ships, power stations (what are they?), copper wire, electronics. Look in the bottom of your beer tumbler - where was that made.
Where was your car made. And the planet saving batteries under the floor?
We import American forests to burn in our "Green" electricity generators. And we give them a subsidy. Eh?
So what do we create? Answers on a postcard. Nice pottery, tweed, some cheese, Morgans, and.....
Even I'm a Celebrity is made in Australia.
And the Beeb uses any excuse it can find to send a full production team - producer, director, couple, at least, of cameramen, ditto sound persons, ditto make-up artistes, etc. to accompany some has been, or three, on a Grand Tour of somewhere nice - USA as we remember it, ditto Australia or Dubai. But not Bradford.
I rest my case.
End of rant.

A K Haart said...

Doonhamer - yes and clothes, shoes, electronics, toys, Christmas junk - it's a very long list. I don't think I know anyone who actually makes something apart from a brewer.