Saturday 9 December 2023

Even more last than the last last chance

Health warning - it's the Ugnadiar

‘This may be our last chance’: Cop28 talks enter final phase

‘We cannot negotiate with nature’ says Denmark’s climate minister as talks to phase out fossil fuels hang in balance

The next few days could be the world’s last chance of keeping global heating within safe limits, nations meeting for the Cop28 UN climate summit have been told.


DiscoveredJoys said...

Is climate change real? Undoubtedly. It has changed for the last 4 billion years.

Do our human activities affect the climate? Almost certainly. Especially in cities.

How much do our human activities affect the climate? Ah! That is the key question, and one the alarmists choose to avoid addressing for political reasons.

The costs of 'Net Zero' are so stupendously enormous that we had better be totally certain that human activities are causing more than a minor ripple in the climate. At the moment modelling and the predictions arising from it are mostly posturing.


Tammly said...

Oh the 'elites' are never bothered wasting stupendously enormous amounts of tax payers' money don't worry about that!

A K Haart said...

DJ - temperature differences between city and rural areas are easily observed with a car thermometer, yet so many people don't appear to notice its relevance.

Tammly - it seems to be a Malthusian feature, they always intend to waste vast amounts of money.

Sam Vega said...

Here's a plan. Half of all countries - chosen by lottery - go carbon neutral immediately. The rest can watch and, if they survive, the whole world can follow suit. It won't be too late, as we would have slowed the release of CO2. If whole populations are frozen and pauperised, we'll know what not to do.

Peter MacFarlane said...

If it really be the last chance, perhaps they'll shut up after this.

We can hope.

A K Haart said...

Sam - that's a good plan. They could sort out the details at COP29. Then COP30, COP31, COP32...

Peter - and give up a luxury jolly every year?

Bucko said...

‘We cannot negotiate with nature’

It's worth a shot. Put net zero and all the other measures on hold for twenty years while we have a good chat with the trees. See how 'global heating' is doing after that. If everything if fine, we're good

A K Haart said...

Bucko - in a sane world that's what we'd do, put things on hold and see what happens. The screeching loons seem to own the political stage though.