Tuesday 5 December 2023

A long-term decline

Scottish education performance falling, says study

Performance in Scotland's high schools has slipped according to new international research on education.

The Pisa report measures education standards among nearly 700,000 15-year-olds worldwide.

The report shows a long-term decline in Scotland's performance in reading, maths and science.

No great surprises, but there is a pleasantly sarcastic comment -

To be fair there are some hard questions in Scottish exam papers.

If a £100,000 motor home is held outside in a police compound, how much will it be worth by the time the expected 2018 ferry comes into service


Doonhamer said...

It is planned to be so.
If the population was better at reading, mathematics and science they would realise what a load of keich the manifestos, the economic planning and the science of warble gloaming is.
There would be no jobs in Scotland for people with such talents anyway. We have no industry and the future is all service "industry". Nobody has to count the "fries".
Wur doomed Ah tell ye. Doo-oomed.

A K Haart said...

Doonhamer - I agree, governments have never been keen on universal high quality education, it undermines ascendancy.

Peter MacFarlane said...

How wonderful to see the word “keich” in a blog comment. Gaun yersel’ DH, we’re proud o’ ye!

A K Haart said...

Peter - I had to look it up, but now I'm thinking of adopting it for blog posts. There are plenty of applications.

Doonhamer said...

A little pronunciation tip.
It rhymes with "dreich". The word applicable to this season of the year. And just about any other season in North Britain. The "ch" sounding as in "loch".

A K Haart said...

Doohamer - thanks, I'll use it in conversations now too. Not all conversations perhaps, but it could come in handy while driving.

Tammly said...

When I went to school in Scotland (1964/65) the standards were pretty high. We were also subject to 'the belt' for misbehaviour. I don't think education is as demanding in schools today, mind you the same could be said of England.

A K Haart said...

Tammly - from the sidelines, education doesn't seem to be as demanding in schools today, but some of that may be our less demanding culture. Schools aren't isolated from that.