Monday, 15 August 2022

It doesn't have to be workable

Five-minute read: Is Starmer's plan to stop bills rising workable?

Credit Sir Keir Starmer for at least trying to come up with a costed plan to tackle the UK's burgeoning household energy bill crisis. It's more than Boris Johnson's zombie government or the two people vying to succeed him have done.

That said, Labour's proposals to freeze the energy price cap at the present £1,971 at best raise more questions than answers. At worst, they are deeply flawed.

As the Labour party is not the governing party, Sir Keir's plan does not have to be workable. It is a move in the Great Game aimed squarely at those who believe in the magic money tree. Magic money tree deniers are not the target audience.


Sam Vega said...

An important point here is that those "oil and gas giants" (they sound like planets, don't they!) are the companies best placed to find alternative supplies now that Russia has turned off the taps, and also to find long-term alternatives to save the planet. So making them less attractive to investors through taxation might not be the smartest move.

decnine said...

There's no need to look far away for alternative supplies. There's lots of coal, oil and gas under our feet. Get fracking.

Tammly said...

A total energy supply policy for our nation! From a half baked human rights lawyer? Wonderfull!

dearieme said...

The policies that socialists prefer have two characteristics.

(i) They will do nothing to alleviate the short-term supply problems.

(ii) They will make the long-term supply problems worse.

A K Haart said...

Sam - that's right, it isn't the smartest move. Who is going to invest in anything related to fossil fuels while the climate loons are listened to?

decnine - I agree. Tell people very firmly why it has to be that way too.

Tammly - madness isn't it? And look at his deputy.

dearieme - it still surprises me that anyone has the gall to be a socialist.