Thursday, 18 August 2022

Booze Boost

Japan encourages its sober young people to drink more and boost economy

The Japanese government has launched a nationwide competition to revitalise the alcoholic beverages industry which has been shrinking due to demographic changes, lifestyle choices and the coronavirus pandemic.

The country's national tax agency's Sake Viva! campaign, which runs until 9 September, asks people aged 20 to 39 to come up with ideas for new "products and designs" to "stimulate demand among young people".

This includes boosting Japanese alcoholic beverages such as sake (rice wine), beer, whiskey, wine or beer.

I have a simple idea. Show episodes of Maigret on Japanese TV and give it lots of positive publicity. I'm thinking of the version where Rupert Davies played Maigret. His character drank even while on duty trying to find the murderer - smoked like a chimney too. Could also help with the ageing population problem.


Sam Vega said...

A golden opportunity for our businesses, then, to cash in on this. I mean, the Japanese have always gone for our whisky, and with a bit of shrewd marketing...Oh! Hang on, though! What's this?!

Doonhamer said...

No, Wee Nippie will not "crack down" on whisky, whiskey or even Calvados.
She will increase taxes to maximise government grab. And then a wee bit more just to show that she is into diminishing returns territory.
Same with everything else. Fuel, soft drinks, air travel, sugar, salt, children's laughter etc.
That is because she is a bitter and twisted wee meanie.
Have you ever seen her laugh? A real smile even?
She is the modern, secular, equivalent of Holy Willie.
You will own nothing, and you will not be happy.

Bucko said...

How about reruns of Dallas? They never seem to be without a drink in their hand at any hour of the day. It's surprising they get any work done (Or get up in the morning)

A K Haart said...

Sam - could be a problem although she could always get the Chinese to make it.

Doonhamer - "Have you ever seen her laugh?" good point - no I haven't seen her laugh. Come to think of it, I haven't seen her reflection in a mirror either.

Bucko - Dallas should work, or maybe a remake where there is even more drinking.

Bucko said...

More? There may not be enough Bourbon in Texas...