Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Whatever Happened To Starlite?


An interesting video. I particularly liked this comment on the YouTube site, although you have to watch the video to see the joke.

I think that he wanted all that money up front because once they figured out it was cake batter made with glue he would already have the money.


Tammly said...

As an inventor myself, (rather more successful than Maurice Ward, but that wouldn't have been difficult as the film shows), I was very interested in Starlite and its story. Ward was quite right to be suspicious of theft because as I have experienced, it is very common. I'd go as far as to say in developing an invention as an individual, you're more likely to associate with a crook than an honest person by happenstance. I thought that because my invention was so small and niche, it wouldn't attract rip off predators. I was wrong. Because there are also small sharks to act the same way as big ones who see an invention potentially worth millions.

The blogger makes a very good point though. If you're too picky you won't get your idea on the market and will earn nothing from it. My solution was to make it myself quickly, capitalise it soonest before sharks had noticed and resign myself to future events. As it happened, by the time they came to interfere, I had already made enough to buy a property - and I have some eye popping stories to tell if I want to.

A K Haart said...

Tammly - sounds interesting and well done. I've never invented anything marketable as an invention.