Thursday, 25 November 2021

If it looks like a duck…

Some government activities are so obviously loopy that a whiff of paranoia is not necessarily inappropriate. For example, it is obvious that the UK Net Zero policy is absurdly risky. Huge amounts of money could be pointlessly squandered and we could screw up the future of our children when supposedly that is what Net Zero protects.

Net Zero could be a colossal failure for at least two reasons.
  1. If catastrophic global warming does not occur anyway.
  2. If the UK Net Zero policy makes no difference to atmospheric CO2.
Yet effectively we have been told that there is zero probability of failure. We have been told this indirectly but very strongly in a There Is No Alternative sense. Yet to a very good approximation, outcome 2 is a stone cold certainty. UK emissions are far too small to make a difference and everyone knows it. Net Zero is certain to fail as a policy so we ask - who loses when Net Zero does fail?

Merely by asking the question we may as well accept that its backers do not care if Net Zero fails. They are not stupid, they know it will fail but consider themselves to be insulated from failure. Monumental stupidity is an alternative explanation, especially when we see people sitting on the M25, but the people behind Net Zero don’t do silly things like that. They make silly speeches which is far more comfortable.

To my mind there is an inescapable conclusion here. The bureaucrats and political classes promoting Net Zero know it will fail. They must know therefore they don’t care. As if one social class is determined to degrade the living standards of another. It is as it seems to be. Many things are.


Woodsy42 said...

Of course they know it will fail even as a solution to a non-problem. They also know that it represents a vast opportunity to gain power and wealth for themselves and their friends, not just at the expense of us lot of ordinary people but with the approval of many followers of the global warming religion.

Sam Vega said...

My most generous hypothesis concerning this is that our elite think that they can somehow gain an advantage by galvanising the economy in the name of Net Zero. They think this will be the scariest way to get people investing in alternative forms of energy, possibly to get ready for a decline in oil and coal supplies when China and India really kick off.

They think that just being straight with us doesn't work (hence the "Nudge Unit") and that some form of Platonic "noble lie" is required to convince us to work harder, eliminate waste, become more self-sufficient, and sell new kit to the developing economies.

If that's not what it's all about, then I'm genuinely stumped. I could believe that Boris as an individual has fallen under the sexual spell of Green Carrie, but that's not sufficient to explain the incredibly rapid consensus which seems to have crystallised over the past five years or so. Or maybe the consensus just grew from the bottom up, and our elites are completely reactive and even more powerless than I thought.

I find myself looking for some kind of grand explanation emerging from the suggestive ideas, some big theory which can explain all this. I've got some vague ideas, which I'll share later as I've already burbled on for too long.

Scrobs. said...

Sure to fail, and the money (tax-payer's money), has already been shorted by the bankers, leeches, even governments etc.

Luckily, I won't be around when it all fails, so the wokerati will have to cough up instead!

Tammly said...

Agree with all the comments above. Just watched an american video from a Dr Chris Martenson, which suggests more than a hint of mass hysteria connected to this topic.0

A K Haart said...

Woodsy - money must be part of it for some, but the useful idiots don't seem to realise they will get nothing.

Sam - that's my most generous hypothesis too and it is possible that almost the entire establishment has slipped into the old government picking winners fantasy. At the moment I'm tending to move towards less generous hypotheses though.

Scrobs - I won't be around either, but I worry about our grandkids and their world.

Tammly - it certainly feels like mass hysteria, as if too much mass communication and too much drama in the mass media do create internet hysteria.