Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Almost Uncanny



Ed P said...

Of course, it could be that some young and confused 'man' saw the Python sketch way back when and thought to him/herself, "That's what I want too".
Now he/she (oh f**k it with pronouns) is probably a leading Trannie activist in today's vibrant kultur.

microdave said...

It's surprising that YouTube haven't taken that clip down! And you also have to wonder where the writers of "Yes Minister" & "Yes Prime Minister" got their inspiration. Or maybe they had inside information, and the real life "Sir Humphries" have been around for much longer than we realise?

DiscoveredJoys said...

Monty Python was surreal comedy. Loved it as a student, but it seems unfunny now. Perhaps because Real Life(tm) is now stranger still, what once was surreal is now ordinary?

Still find the narcissism of small differences between the Peoples' Front of Judea and the Judean Peoples' Front enlightening though.

Sam Vega said...

Before release, it would have been considered too far fetched and incomprehensible. At the time, it was applauded for touching some kind of nerve. Then it became noteworthy for being uncannily predictive. But now we've gone beyond that stage. It would be condemned for treating a serious subject with unseemly levity.

Anyone care to guess what people will make of it in fifty years time? Prediction is tough work, isn't it!

James Higham said...

They had a sketch for every situation, past, present and future.

A K Haart said...

Ed - it wouldn't surprise me if someone saw it as a viable political idea.

microdave - I'm sure Sir Humphry is not too far from reality because ministers come and go so frequently that they have to be managed in civil service eyes.

DJ - I still find some sketches funny, but as I recall some didn't really work at the time and some were too long. At the time I ignored the weaknesses because of the successes but now even many of the the successes are too familiar.

Sam - one factor which may survive for fifty years is the use of imagined oppression as a political mantra. Or maybe it will cease to be imaginary at all.

James - and the future ones were the huge foot stamping on everything.