Friday, 7 May 2021

Oh Well Done Sir Keir


Strewth, in spite of the lockdown mess, Labour can't even do opposition...

Oh hang on...

No doubt it's partly because of the lockdown mess.  


DiscoveredJoys said...

A good democracy needs a good Opposition. I've previously said that Sir Ikea was put in as a nightwatchman for Labour - a lower order batsman to see the game through until the better batsmen can start the next day. I can't see anyone waiting in the wings, so we are probably going to see Sir Ikea stumbling on for now.

Ed P said...

Perhaps the great unwashed can only remember the first two letters of things?

So COnservative and COvid are lodged in their memories as synonymous.

Sad Sir Keir: if only the disease had been named LAxid or similar, LAbour would have won!

Sam Vega said...

The candidate was dire (parachuted in, despite being a doctor had a history of sexist comments); the leadership was appalling; and the party is split between the Stalinists, the Blairite Old Guard, and the new useless Blairites.

Watching the fallout is going to be fun.

Early reports suggest that Khan is losing in London. Fingers crossed.

DiscoveredJoys said...

@Sam Vega

If Khan is losing in London that really would be another Reason To Be Cheerful.

wiggiatlarge said...

His lending himself to so many names alone should make him give up. Max Headroom, Sir Ikea, Sir Kneelalot, Queer Starmer, Captain Hindsight, Concrete Head and evidently his name means 'bell end ' in Iran, unfortunate but true.

A K Haart said...

DJ - I can't see anyone waiting in the wings either. The party doesn't attract talent or appear to understand that it needs to.

Ed - I suspect that the pandemic made Labour seem irrelevant and that may have been part of the Tory plan.

Sam - watching the fallout is going to be fun, but there is no sign of a more genuinely conservative party making significant inroads.

Wiggia - yes, the sheer number of names is a clue. He is not taken seriously.