Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Maybe this is Sir Keir's problem



Sam Vega said...

Brilliant compilation. A labour of love, which ought to be widely disseminated.

It is, I fear, only one of Sir Keir's problems. He will certainly need to get rid of the Stalinists and the identity politics nutcases from the Labour Party. But a bigger problem is the fact that Boris has occupied the ground that he wanted to conquer. And another one is that those nutcases in the video are now attempting to destabilise him. And another one is that with his close-set eyes and costive expression he will never appeal to the electorate. And another one is that he has unwisely allowed himself to become tainted by the nutcase brand, having had that ridiculous BLM kneeling photo taken and publicised.

I doubt if he has many really good days, when he feels relaxed, happy, and pleased with his life's trajectory.

A K Haart said...

Sam - I agree, he certainly has allowed himself to become tainted by the nutcase brand. Even at the time, the BLM kneel looked like a serious mistake. As if he isn't really a politician, but a lawyer who thinks he can do politics but doesn't have the necessary feel for it.