Sunday, 9 May 2021

Scrape that barrel

COVID-19: Hugs set to return from 17 May as PM expected to outline next stage of lockdown easing

Michael Gove tells Sky News the prime minister is set to give the green light to lifting lockdown as planned on 17 May.

Meanwhile we hear the distinct sound of deep barrel scraping, as if the intention is to keep the thing going for as long as possible.


Sam Vega said...

A minor but very real source of irritation and depression to do with this covid lockdown is the nonsense we are now starting to get from the media regarding getting back to "normal". People will be so excited. The BBC and news agencies will have countless tearful over-reacting people explaining about their first meal out, or re-establishing contact with their extended families. The Guardian will have articles about gay dating, and Asian family get-togethers. The Mail will have pictures of slightly drunk chubby women raising glasses and talking hilariously about "wine o'clock".

Whatever the "new normal" will be, we can be sure that it will be imposed upon us, good and hard.

Scrobs. said...

Much of this is to divert the really bad news of the leftie politics, which is causing a lot of grief with the BBC and the Guardian at the moment.

A K Haart said...

Sam - spot on, it is a very real source of irritation and depression. As sentimental and predictable as Mills and Boon but they will grind through it.

Scrobs - I'm sure you are right. Team Starmer looks dire and weaknesses are so obvious that distractions are welcome, especially manufactured distractions.