Saturday, 17 April 2021

Biden Has Always Been a Doofus


Not a universal rule, but maybe politically dangerous people also tend to be boring. Those who seek and promote dangerously simple solutions rather than tackle the complex dynamics of real life.

Donald Trump was not boring. Joe Biden is.


DiscoveredJoys said...

Perhaps we could run a competition on how long Biden will last politically? Obviously there are a lot of Republicans that think he is useless/dangerous/defunct already, but how long will Biden continue to receive the largely uncritical support of American media?

The mess on the border would have sunk Trump already (although I suspect he would not have allowed it to continue.

The social unrest and riots would have sunk Trump already (although I suspect he would not have allowed it to continue.

There's an awful lot of 'at least he's not Trump' going on. But for how long?

Sam Vega said...

Trump often came across as a clown because he let his emotions show, and was not a particularly good presenter of ideas. But I always thought he actually believed in something, and was promoting it. Biden, however, doesn't seem to believe in anything. He might once have been a vacuous bullshitter (that first clip about natural law is quite telling) but now he seems unable to follow a simple train of thought. It's looking very much like he really is a senile of buffer who has been hoisted into office so that other people can get on with the real politics elsewhere.

DiscoveredJoys said...

@Sam Vega

For some reason I'm reminded of the *legend* of El Cid... strap the corpse to a horse and charge the enemy. Can't think why.

A K Haart said...

DJ - it's an interesting question, but my guess is that they can keep it up indefinitely unless something really big rocks the boat such as Biden's death or his health collapsing completely.

Sam- yes he looks very much like a senile of buffer but perhaps that is enough for those pulling the strings. Harmless may be what they want to project and senile may be what they want to control.

DJ - or the story about Edward 1st wanting his bones to be carried into battle against the Scots.