Sunday, 18 April 2021

Leaders must act now - says leader who flies by private jet

Climate change: John Kerry warns world heading for 'catastrophic' global warming unless leaders act now

The US climate envoy told Sky News "the reason for the real urgency is because we are not getting the job done".

It is almost possible to admire the flagrant hypocrisy of people such as Kerry. Of course he means leaders must take action against us, not against other leaders. And of course China and India are exempt, as is any country which takes no notice of these games apparently.


James Higham said...

Kerry is Skull & Bones.

MrMC said...

@James Judging by the pictures, I thought that describes Biden in a nutshell

Sam Vega said...

Yesterday I saw a sign in a window saying "Climate emergency: take action now!"

I thought about smashing their door down and ripping out their gas boiler. I mean, an emergency's an emergency, right?

MrMC said...

I thought we could not return to the garden of Eden ? so we are told, I am sometimes tempted, but our milennials and eco activists maybe have not thought it through about how we go back to a primitive state. Just four words for them : no iphones, no twitter

Scrobs. said...

Didn't Kerry burst into tears when he was caught getting his leg over during an election a few years ago?

For a nation that has people like him, Al Gore and a lot of other windbags, they'll have an even tougher future when Old Joe hangs up his autocue!

MrMC said...

Almost got carbon neutral(apart from the petrol), in the last few days on a little tour around Norfolk and Suffolk, one year lockdown and still shops and businesses closed, even Walsingham Abbey. It does make one wonder if furlough may seem more attractive to some.

A K Haart said...

James - he's full of bull and drones too.

Sam - good point, although you may have to join a favoured activist group to get away with it.

MrMC - I don't think eco activists are strong on thinking things through. Otherwise we'd see university courses in flint knapping, the hunter gatherer lifestyle and painting pictures on cave walls.

We were in Bakewell today and everything appeared to be open apart from a few cafes with no outdoor seating.

Scrobs - I've heard he's a sniveller, but it seemed to do him even less harm than the climate is likely to do.

Doonhamer said...

Oh, Scrobs. Thinking of a Kerry leg over gives me the shivers.
Poor woman. She will never live it down.
I am presuming it was a female.
Definitely a two bagger.

A K Haart said...

Doonhamer - gives me the shivers too. I'm determined not to think about it.