Sunday, 4 April 2021



We recently bought a Tefal soup maker and as kitchen gadgets go it is pretty good. If you like soup of course. Chuck in some veg and stock, switch it on and in under 30 minutes you have your soup. It cooks the ingredients then blends them to either a creamy or a chunky soup although we've only tried creamy so far. 

Worth a thought if you like soup because when Boris has finished with the economy you won't have to visit the soup kitchen. With your vaccination passport. 


Sam Vega said...

I was looking forward to the soup kitchens. I could talk to some new people. We could even take our masks off, unless the point of the smooth creamy setting on your gadget is so we can drink it through a straw.

Scrobs. said...

According to Bill Gates, you'll soon be able to download your soup via the internet, and cut out the middle man!

Like your machine though, we consume soup rather like a foreign trawler in the North Sea pinches our fish...

MrMC said...

Scrobs, I am not waiting 60 minutes for a bloody soup update,

I am still fuming after Windows managed finally to bypass my disabling of Windows updates and disabled my computer for well over an hour

A K Haart said...

Sam - it may be best to filter it through the mask, just in case.

Scrobs - I wouldn't sample the Bill Gates soup, you may find it causes unexpected downloads.

MrMC - I'm finding updates less of a pain since I bought a laptop with an SSD. Not sure how long it will last after my old Sony, but it is much quicker.