Thursday, 15 April 2021

People next

New rules will mean all 10million pet cats in the UK will have to have a microchip implanted, according to reports.

The move will be part of a package of measures put forward by a Government taskforce created to cut down on pet thefts.

Cat owners who refuse to get their pets chipped will face a £500 fine, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Pet thefts have soared by more than 12 per cent in lockdown as the price of buying a cat or dog rocketed.

A pet can now cost you more than £2,000 - meaning cat theft has tripled in five years, according to police.

It is already law that dogs in this country have to have a microchip - meaning they can be traced back to their owner.

Not an entirely serious post title, but at the moment it does feel like a plausible future. One which in certain circumstances and on the back of a carefully constructed narrative could be sold to a large percentage of the UK population.


Sam Vega said...

Well, people will have to be chipped. Otherwise, how will they know for sure who a stolen pet belongs to?

Scrobs. said...

I thought we'd already been chipped, by Bill Gates' computer waves...

Feels like it, anyway!

MrMC said...

Yes Scrobs, people are already saying that they can see you via your computer monitor, but I'm no fool
I have a net curtain over mine (thats why so many typos)

DiscoveredJoys said...

In reality people (in a developed world) are already 'chipped' - but virtually rather than by an implanted chip. You almost certainly have a bank account and debit card, most have a credit card. You are probably on the electoral roll, DVLA records, NHS records, Google dogs your on-line presence, retailers track your spending through store points cards or online orders, telephone calls are traceable.

To be fair this is not some planned Orwellian Big Brother but merely the consequence of living in a highly technical society which delivers plenty of benefits - at a cost of loss of anonymity. It is only going to get worse as more and more 'customer communication systems' link up and establish common ties.

Even if you move to some third world remote location and use only cash it is only a matter of time before 'civilisation' catches up with you.

Doonhamer said...

Sadly the real villains know about chips and how to remove them.
No, this is just some more control freakery by our betters.
Have you read about the World's biggest rabbit being stolen.
Ergo, all rabbits must be chipped.
Then budgies, ferrets.
Somebody pinching valuable garden plants. Chip the trees.

Sackerson said...

One of those orange tags in the ear. Call me Daisy, or Claribell.

A K Haart said...

Sam - good point. Tie the two together, otherwise it's a loose end.

Scrobs - effectively we have of course.

MrMC - I tend to rely on spel chucker to keep down the typos.

DJ - yes it's all there and I'd be surprised if much of it isn't already linked up inside GCHQ.

Doonhamer - I almost did a blog post about that rabbit but it would have been in poor taste.

Sackers - I've seen some with two tags in the ear. Bureaucracy marches on. Soon be three tags.