Sunday, 25 April 2021

Strewth this is embarrassing



MrMC said...

Astounding how the media etc continue to ignore that fact that this is an idiot, considering their 4 years denigration of everything Trump said or did.

All the evidence one needs for a conspiracy theory really.

Doonhamer said...

But which wife is he thinking of?
Some of his breakfasts must be embarrassing.Or even bedroom morning scenes, if they still share a bed, She will be wondering why he leaves a stack of dollars on her bedside cabinet when he leaves in the morning.

Scrobs. said...

I wonder what Spitting Image would take on this?

James Higham said...

Spitting Image would never do Biden, being leftist.

A K Haart said...

MrMC - I agree, it is all the evidence one needs for a conspiracy theory. He is clearly grossly inferior to Trump.

Doonhamer or maybe a stack of yuan.

Scrobs - they probably won't do it. The man is too ridiculous - any parody would be too close.

James - I agree. They may give it a go but it's risky - too close to reality.

Sobers said...

I blame his wife. She's allowing him to be used by the men behind the curtain that are running the USA with Biden as their patsy. You can tell from the way she keeps looking at him when they are together during public events that she's constantly checking to see if he's still 'in the room' or not. She knows the reality, yet she allows him to be abused like this, its despicable.

Scrobs. said...

Probably right, James and MrH - they once boasted that had they been around a year or so, the Conservatives wouldn't have won the election!

I always thought that the fun they poked at President Reagan was way over the top, especially as he really was ill.

Maybe they believe mr Biden a little bit too much, and as Sobers says, she's all over him, like Billary used to be when her old man was buggering up the USA and a lots more besides!

A K Haart said...

Sobers - before the election I read a piece saying that Jill Biden would move heaven and earth to make sure Joe keeps going for the full four years. Effectively saying that she wants it even more than he does.

Scrobs - I rarely watched it - too over the top for me.