Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Shifting Ground

Sir Keir Starmer to declare Labour is ‘party of the centre-ground’ once again

He was set to quote Sir Tony Blair by claiming Labour was the “political wing of the British people” as he sought to seize from the Tories the reputation of the party of “sound money”.

The words will be seen as an attempt to rebuff Tory allegations that his party is in the pocket of the unions and bury for good the Corbyn era which saw Labour suffer such a humiliating 2019 General Election defeat.

This would be a "centre-ground" where a man in a frock suddenly becomes a bona fide woman if he says so - that "centre-ground". You couldn't make it up but they do - all the time. 

Politics - strewth - how the blue blazes do people have the stomach for it? 


Scrobs. said...

"Politics - strewth - how the blue blazes do people have the stomach for it? "

We don't - ever these days!

More important things to do, like the fires, weeding, and finishing the mowing after the rain stopped play!

A K Haart said...

Scrobs - I like to keep half an eye on it, but it's always tiresome and at times the mendacity is just disgusting.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Sir IKEA was put in place to pull the party together and make it electable. It's a tough job and he has worked hard to make some small progress... but even senior people within the party cannot help themselves revealing the spite and envy that still roils within the party.

It must be a form of cognitive bias (In Group Bias?) that they think they can still say mean nasty things about other people because their political beliefs are 'pure'.

Tammly said...

Certainly disgusting for the voter. What do you choose, Tory incompetence or Labour insanity?

James Higham said...

The far centre left ground maybe.

Sam Vega said...

And don't forget that picture of him kneeling in support of BLM. Or the racism of Rupa Huq who joins Corbyn as an Independent MP today. Or his voluble support for Corbyn before he got the top job and realised he was unelectable. Or the fact that a sizeable chunk of his own party want him dead.

A K Haart said...

DJ - I think that's it, they really do think they can say anything about other people because their political beliefs are 'pure'. They don't even see it as unprofessional.

Tammly - ideally neither. Voting for the least bad option seems to be futile.

James - it has certainly shifted, as they are finding in the US.

Sam - yes, kneeling in support of BLM was an astounding thing to do. Maybe he knew that the effect would fade anyway, which perhaps it has.