Tuesday 20 September 2022

The weird world of the bureaucrat

UN chief Antonio Guterres tells rich countries to impose tax on fossil fuel firms 'feasting' on windfall profits

The leader of the United Nations cannot order members to impose windfall taxes, but his comments send an "important signal".

In spite of saying "polluters must pay" Mr Guterres cannot mandate action from developed countries, many of which are grappling with extreme weather, high food and energy prices and the Ukraine war.

Fortunately for us, Mr Guterres cannot mandate action from developed countries but I'm sure he'd like to change that. 

There are some rather serious aspects of global concern Mr Guterres could mention of course, such as the possibility of leaks from virology laboratories. He prefers to pretend we can control the global climate though. A weird world he inhabits, but well paid.


DiscoveredJoys said...

The role of the bureaucrat is to take the messy world, chop off the frilly bits to neaten it up, so that it will fit in his or her ordered boxes. Now if you happen to be one of the frilly bits you are sh*t out of luck.

Perhaps you have rung a customer help desk with a problem that doesn't fit into their scripts - there's often no other way forward. The bureaucrat has designed the process and one size will be made to fit all.

Tammly said...

The UN must be closed down - by violent insurrection is my favourite.

Scrobs. said...

Aaaah, 'important signals' - the second step to create yet another market in fuel futures.

How long before this is actual 'UN policy' and demanded of other countries?

Tammly said...

The UN should be closed down. Violent insurrection is my favourite.

Sam Vega said...

An estimated net worth of $215 million:

I'm sure he sees a few quid on a tank of petrol in a different light than I do.

Tammly said...

How the hell did I manage to post this twice? My tablet has been interfered with over the last week, until I discovered that it was my Wi Fi extender doing it! Digital tech don't you just luv it?

A K Haart said...

DJ - and the UN it trying to cut off our frilly bits globally.

Tammy - removing funding would entertaining too - howls of horror from the usual suspects would be most enjoyable.

Scrobs - our lot follow it anyway, so the UN doesn't need to demand it. Work for the bureaucrats.

Sam - yes, I'm sure he sees lots of things in a different light everything. To be honest, I think his wealth might change my outlook too. I'd hope not, but it could.

Tammly - comments disappearing into the approval area doesn't help. I'm aiming to change that soon.

Bill Sticker said...

Considering that it's the policies being pushed by said bureaucrats that are behind the surge in energy prices, the demand to up taxes is a win-win for them. More money in the tax take, thence more money in the coffers of their mates in the energy industries as the increased costs are passed on to consumers.

A K Haart said...

Bill - yes, unelected bureaucrats and bureaucracies are a huge problem, easily underestimated.