Wednesday 14 September 2022

Tough Test

King Charles faces a tough test if he wants to keep his personal climate fight alive

If King Charles is to maximise his impact in the battle against climate change, he has a very narrow path to success and must avoid at all costs any whiff of blinkered and intolerant privilege.

What a weird way of putting it. The climate game reeks of "blinkered and intolerant privilege". It's played by the upper middle classes, using their privilege to swamp the media, corrupt democracy, recruit dodgy scientists, shout down criticism and screw the proles.

Charles will find his mother is an impossible act to follow. He is already much too far behind to make up lost ground. He must hope that the climate game remains afloat for as long as he does or display enough agility to skip across to another environmental fatuity. That's a tough test.


DiscoveredJoys said...

Brings an entirely new ironic meaning to "tilting at windmills".

Sam Vega said...

Agreed. A curious inversion from the double-barrelled climate correspondent. The real test is whether he can keep the monarchy going. Not whether he can maintain his green credentials. Because if he keeps sounding off on climate change and the like, the delicate convention that the monarchy is tolerated - no, celebrated and even loved - because it keeps out of politics is going to be trashed.

It's a pity, really. He could have so easily been a gentleman farmer, organic if he wants. We'd tolerate that, it's typically upper class and harmless, and even gives him business credentials. But he went too far, and attached himself to wild doom-laden expectations. That puts him in a very difficult position. The Guardianistas and chatterati will like his climate shite, but they hate the monarchy anyway. And the natural supporters of the monarchy, the ordinary people, will be freezing to death because of his idiocy.

Flying in by private helicopter to lecture us about composting is not something that will pass unnoticed.

decnine said...

Also, he's handed over the franchise to the new PoW. A real drip off the old blockhead.

Scrobs. said...

I think I'd rather listen to Jordan Peterson about the 'climate change' scam...

Tammly said...

No I still think this will be the reign of Charles The Mad.

A K Haart said...

DJ - if only he would.

Sam - yes, that's the bed he made for himself and tells us more than he should ever have admitted. This winter could easily damage the monarchy if he becomes associated with genuine and even fatal hardship. He really should have foreseen it.

decnine - yes, he's no improvement whatever.

Scrobs - Peterson is good on a number of other issues too.

Tammly - he's certainly well on the way.

djc said...

Lord save us from our king,
Jug-Ears the Green

A K Haart said...

djc - I'd forgotten the Jug-Ears nickname. It's a pity he doesn't use them to listen to people beyond his own set.