Wednesday 7 September 2022

The junk mail clue

Royal Mail workers to stage another two-day strike in pay dispute

Members of the Communication Workers Union were already preparing to walk out on Thursday and Friday this week but they have added two further days of strike action.

Mrs H and I were chatting about this only a few days ago. Times change and we've barely noticed the two previous one day Royal Mail strikes. They made so little impact on us that I had to look up when those two days were. 

Looking back, maybe we had a little less junk mail shoved through the letterbox, but if the strike had not made the headlines we wouldn't have known about it at all. There are two more strikes planned for tomorrow and Friday apparently. 

Maybe the junk mail will mount up and we'll notice when the strikes are over and a little heap of it ends up on the doormat. Or maybe not. Times change.


Sam Vega said...

Look out, though! Unless the zeppelin pilots get the 4000% they are asking for, we could be in for a tough winter.

Scrobs. said...

Meanwhile, all the private delivery companies carry on as normal, clearly taking more and more business, and the Royal Mail continues to decline.

I overheard a discussion in the opticians the other day, where they have to weigh up the options of using a proper, prvately run operation like Evri, or take a chance and try and get RM to actually do something!

A K Haart said...

Sam - bound to hit the airship cruise industry that one. Don't they realise?

Scrobs - we think online delivery outfits should show a little red flag against any supplier who uses Royal Mail instead of a proper courier.