Tuesday 6 September 2022

A gauntlet of boos

'It was just me, me, me': Royal experts say Meghan made One Young World speech 'all about her' as she referenced herself 54 times during seven-minute gender equality talk after she and Harry ran gauntlet of boos as they arrived in Manchester

It's a rum game, the celebrity game. From early in the Meghan-Harry circus, it became clear enough how it was to be played and with each subsequent move it became clearer. Nobody can be unfamiliar with people who see the world in terms of themselves, in me, me, me terms. 

With no mystery left, with the moral vacuum exposed to the whole world, a reasonable person might assume their game is effectively over, but all we see is more of the same. Their game is effectively lost in terms of social and moral prestige, which was the only one they could have hoped to play with any prospect of success. 

Yet still the game grinds on. Even without moral or social prestige, the celebrity wheels still turn. A weird mix of the absurd and the odious but we already knew that.


Ed P said...

I'm surprised she hasn't already adopted the 'Royal We'.

"One must be thankful for that."

Tammly said...

Well they'll continue to grind on and on, until the media interest in them is exhausted and no attention is paid to them anymore.

Sam Vega said...

It used to be the case that if people became interesting for some reason or other, someone pointed a camera at them. Now, if someone points a camera, the result is that the person becomes interesting.

Megan and Harry are now watched just because the effect of publicity on people and how it makes them go a bit crazy is worth watching.

Scrobs. said...

We really can't be arsed to watch a hick yank and a piddling 'spare' cavort about the international stage like the Beckhams etc., so we can't really comment...

A K Haart said...

Ed - I bet she's tempted.

Tammly - we may be close to that point already. I hope so.

Sam - like a series of comedy sketches which eventually go on for too long and it all begins to seem too dated.

Scrobs - the main interest is how long they can keep it going.