Friday, 9 September 2022

Weekly Tesco Shop

Yesterday our weekly online Tesco delivery was cancelled at short notice due to ‘technical reasons’. It’s the first time this has happened in about two and a half years, so we weren’t too annoyed.

During that time, we’ve picked up odds and ends at various supermarkets, but haven’t done a weekly shop where you push one of those wire trolleys around the aisles looking for stuff. This morning we ventured into our local Tesco store after the school run for an old-style weekly shopping trip.

Strewth it’s tedious. Now we know why we stayed with online shopping.


Sam Vega said...

Certainly tedious, but I find a visit to Tesco quite useful in that I'm more likely to be reminded about bargains, Club Card offers, and the like. On Wednesday I got a lot of dishwasher tablets because they were cheap.

Generally I'll call in if I'm in town for another reason.

dearieme said...

My wife's attitude is that deliveries are fine for tins, frozen food, wine, beer, dishwasher stuff, etc. But fresh or chilled food she will choose herself. Also yellow sticker food.

Nessimmersion said...

Apparently it was country wide.
Entire online ordering system ( in house of course) had a brain fart.
Oopsies & vacancies shortly in their IT dept?

A K Haart said...

Sam - we bought lots of dishwasher tablets via an online Iceland offer. I think we have enough for a year now.

dearieme - we buy most of it online but still shop around for variety.

Nessimmersion - oops, time for the IT dept to dig out their CVs and scrub any mention of working for Tesco.

Bucko said...

It's happened to me a couple of times this year and it's annoying because they tell you at the last minute and then make you manually repeat your order. The last time I got a customer service guy on the phone and had him rebook it all for me. I also got a tenner voucher

They had some technical issues locally quite recently, where only a fraction of my order turned up. Something to do with broken equipment. On my next order, they told me again that i was only getting twenty quids worth of stuff from a £150 order. I was going to cancel until the customer service bod refunded the delivery charge and gave me a £20 voucher

I stick with Tesco because with their faults, they're good at handing out vouchers and sorting issues. I also like them becuase they replace out of stock items with more expensive ones and don't charge you the extra. I always buy the cheapest stuff, so make a lot from substitutions

A K Haart said...

Bucko - we haven't received any vouchers from Tesco but we haven't had many problems either. As you say, they are good as sorting issues when they do arise, and we've also received expensive items when the cheap ones are out of stock. On the whole it just works and the drivers are friendly too.

Bucko said...

Yes, the drivers are always very good, although we rarely see the same one twice