Monday, 12 September 2022

F is for Factism

Frank Wright has an entertaining take on Clown World, which as we know to our cost is our world. A few examples give the flavour of it.

The ABC of Clown World

A is for Albaphobia

With this one new trick – blaming Whitey for everything – you can relax into a stupor of legitimised racist hatred. Every instance of crime, disorder, injustice and those horrid attempts to employ people on the basis of competence can be dismissed as the evil project of Mr and Mrs White, who must never have any more children.

B is for Brave

See also ‘stunning’. Any noteworthy attempt on the life of our national culture is ‘brave’, along with acts of public depravity and gluing your bottom to a window to save the planet.

F is for Factism

Factists base their worldview on observation and evidence – such as crime statistics and medical coincidence – and are therefore dangerous extremists dedicated to an ideology of hate.


Sam Vega said...

An excellent piece. Also under "F" is "Fact-checking", which is when the BBC marshall ideology to counter narratives they don't like.

A K Haart said...

Sam - yes, that could have been in there too, especially as BBC supporters wouldn't understand it.

Tammly said...

What about R for Racist - what ever anyone wants it to mean, if they say so.

A K Haart said...

Tammly - yes, that one could have been expanded because it seems to mean anyone who is sceptical about anything woke.