Wednesday, 13 October 2021

What - no locust plagues?

Climate change: 'Adapt or die' warning from Environment Agency

Hundreds of people could die in floods in the UK, the Environment Agency has warned in a hard-hitting report that says the country is not ready for the impact of climate change...

The apocalyptic tone is deliberately intended to startle governments, companies and communities into preparing for global warming effects such as higher sea levels and more extremes of rainfall and drought.

Ignoring the possibility of devastating locust plagues seems to miss a rather obvious opportunity here. For one thing, a locust narrative would be able to employ the term 'biblical' quite legitimately. 

To my mind the omission should be corrected in case public alarm levels drop to an alarmingly low level. 


Sam Vega said...

There are four distinctly dodgy horsemen in the field at the end of our garden. One of them has the Environment Agency logo on his chest. Should I be worried?

johnd2008 said...

Have the Environment Agency conveniently forgotten that the cause of the Somerset Levels flooding was that they neglected to dredge them?

DiscoveredJoys said...

There's a sane evaluation of Climate Change here:

If everyone had got behind sensible mitigation rather than complete social upheaval there might be far fewer 'deniers'. Plus forecasting 'the Apocalypse' is so last pandemic; it's lost some of its ability to generate fear.

wiggiatlarge said...

DJ, there is a flaw in the link provided, it talks of the first world surviving any climate change catastrophe, what it fails to mention is the third world will be in the first world to avoid that event, after all it is a natural follow on to the 'dry' run that has been going on for the last two decades.

DAD said...

Immediately I saw the phrase, "Hundreds of people COULD die in floods in the UK..." I knew that what follows was hype.

I believe the predictions of Mystic Meg to this, and simular, reports.

A K Haart said...

Sam - no you shouldn't be worried. Just ask them if they have completed their risk assessments, if their personal health and safety manuals are up to date, if they have attended the latest diversity courses and if their horses have been fitted with approved mounting handrails. That should keep them busy for decades.

John - I expect they conveniently forget all kinds of things.

DJ and Wiggia - I don't see the orthodox climate narrative as something people really believe, including scientists. Behaviour we observe every day suggests almost nobody believes it, especially the behaviour of elites.

To my way of thinking, the orthodox climate narrative seems to owe more to Malthusian anxiety, virtue signalling and political allegiance than a real world problem we can do something to mitigate.

DAD - I agree, it's political positioning. More floods will occur and people will die so if the number of deaths is less than hundreds that counts as a win. In other words, they are pretty confident that the number will be far less than hundreds.