Tuesday, 20 July 2021

We need a severity scale for shambles

COVID-19: Employers will have to apply for isolation exemption for 'pinged' workers as government rules out critical jobs list

An increasing number of people are being forced to self-isolate as they are identified as close contacts of somebody who is COVID positive, leading to many critical workers being unable to do their jobs.

Maybe a few ambitious types from SAGE could bend their powerful minds towards a devising a brand new Shambles Severity Scale (SSS). 

A simple scale from 0 to 10 would do, where the UK coronavirus debacle now stands at 10++. Even Boris must know the situation is a shambles with an extraordinarily high SSS.


The Jannie said...

Sorry, SSS is already taken: Sage Stupidity Scale, currently hovering about 99%.

Sam Vega said...

Like the Beaufort Scale, with numerical values being given to observable results. SSS 8: Government hastily introduces regulations to counteract the harmful effects of existing government regulations; organisations and employers openly complain the guidance is incomprehensible; general public coin phrases to mock the government's stance; different ministers give contradictory advice on the same day; press talk of sackings or resignations.

Scrobs. said...

A daughter has just learned that she can work from home permanently, with just the odd visit to her London office. She will save around £5,000 a year on fares, and her firm can reduce their ridiculous rent in Mare Khan's hideous London by over a half by taking less space, but keeping the address!

As she works entirely online with the overseas branches, this has to make sense, and she is 'self-isolating' at the same time into the bargain!

A K Haart said...

Jannie - and maybe that's a feature rather than a fault.

Sam - good point, it has to be based on observable results. Just as well I suspect.

Scrobs - we know people who have taken to it and wouldn't go back to office work. Presumably such people could live almost anywhere.