Monday, 5 July 2021

Courageous and dedicated

Queen gives 'courageous' and 'dedicated' NHS the George Cross as William and Kate mark its 73rd birthday

The George Cross is awarded for "acts of the greatest heroism or of the most courage in circumstances of extreme danger".

Meanwhile in the real world, our GP surgery is still hiding from patients.


Doonhamer said...

Bin persons, shop staff, delivery (logistics, as we say now) staff. police on the ground, care home staff.
All should have prizes.
But NHS? Some on the covid wards, maybe, but the managers, data scrubbers, and the usual suspects? Nah.
Maybe a BAFTA for the performances.

Sam Vega said...

Our GP surgery certainly isn't hiding from patients. There are queues outside, everyone is being seen, there are volunteers helping, the triage and processing is slick, and everyone is treated by a medical professional within a couple of minutes. There's even a space to have a rest afterwards.

Mind you, that's only if you want a covid jab. (£12.50 something for the centre per jab, payable after two jabs given; over £400 million given to GPs already.) For anything else, you can listen to a long recording which ultimately refers you to a website, which ultimately tells you to go away and sort your own problems out.

Scrobs. said...

I'd rather give the medal to our chemist.

They've been inundated though all this, and have worked solidly, serving everyone who calls in, maskless, not bothering to wash hands etc, stupid (usual with the uglies) and they've soldiered on regardless.

Meanwhile our surgery seem to be doing bugger all, except get the nurses to do all the 'interviews' ("yes dear, I know I'm overweight, and I will stay drinking as long as I like, because I'm not going to end up in a home as a dribbling old fool, and neither is my wife")!

wiggiatlarge said...

I see that consultants are asking for a 15% rise owing to buckling under pressure, this would be the same consultant that did a telephone consultation fourteen months after I was diagnosed with buggered hips and then said one was so bad he would put me on the list!
What does that mean I asked, two years he said, I can't wait that long I will have to go private, he is so exhausted he will be doing the op early August.
Meanwhile our pharmacy which is attached to our medical center is doing Covid jabs, the large two storied medical center is doing bugger all and my designated doctor is only there on Fridays, which is decent of him.
When I went in, they have deigned to open the doors again, to complain about the performance to get a prescription updated, there were three people waiting to see nurses in the waiting area that five years ago would have ha forty and the same upstairs waiting to see doctors?, they all deserve a rise and a medal but not the ones they are asking for.

A K Haart said...

Doonhamer - a BAFTA for the performances is a good idea. Boris and his lectern cronies should be first.

Sam - your long recording and website experience sounds much like ours. Maybe it's a national initiative.

Scrobs - "I will stay drinking as long as I like, because I'm not going to end up in a home as a dribbling old fool, and neither is my wife."

That's a sound policy. There is no point in going on for too long.

Wiggia - our medical centre is quite large with a good car park but doesn't seem to be used for much apart from Covid jab sessions. On the website they have admitted that most people attending a GP only have minor self-limiting conditions or conditions which can be self treated. It does sound as if they have been swamped with trivial illnesses, but if so, who brought that on?