Thursday, 1 July 2021

We just don't do reliable information

COVID-19: Official list of symptoms should be expanded as it could be missing cases - experts

Only a third of people who have COVID symptoms develop a high temperature, ONS data shows...

According to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) 42% of symptomatic people had a cough, 39% suffered a headache and 38% experienced fatigue.

A quarter of people reported muscle aches and 32% said they had a sore throat.

By comparison, 33% had a fever, only 21% lost their sense of smell and 15% their sense of taste.

Okay - moving on to our official list of catastrophic climate change symptoms...


Scrobs. said...

These people won't be satisfied until we all have some sort of symptoms, headed by the loss of the will to live!

Sam Vega said...

When I was working, fatigue was constant. I often had a sore throat, and sometimes a cough. Occasionally my muscles ached. And I can't recall having a sense of smell very often. To be fair, the canteen always had the whiff of burnt milk.

Despite the symptoms, I managed to soldier on. I think I had long pre-covid, starting around 1980.

Ed P said...

It seems clear now, even to people who only get MSM news, that this nonsense will continue into 2022. New symptoms! Worry! Get jabbed! Don't think you're ill? We know better!

It's recently been 'discovered' (uncovered? disclosed?) that the majority now in hospital 'with covid' have had both jabs. What's really making them feel ill?

I'm trying to avoid conspiracy theories and shall continue to do so until vast numbers succumb to this huge worldwide experiment.

A K Haart said...

Scrobs - I'm just waiting for dandruff to become a symptom.

Sam - I had those symptoms too, plus a sense of unreality which could easily have been an indicator of pre-covid tension.

Ed - maybe the vaccinated people in hospital 'with covid' think it is the only way to get any condition treated.