Saturday, 31 July 2021

Homicide Olympics


Somewhat tongue in cheek this I imagine, but a useful contrast between the real world and people trying to run a glitzy fraction of a second faster than each other. No gold medal for guessing which one gets saturation coverage from the BBC.

At least I assume the BBC is devoting lots of time to the Olympics. I haven't watched a single minute of it, so I'm merely guessing.


Scrobs. said...

Ha ha ha, good one AK!

The awful bbc is devoting a few seconds to each race or whatever, and twenty minutes to inane 'commentary', by 'experts, apparently...

I say apparently, because I haven't watched any of the farce, as the paint on our shed is still drying, and I can't wait until I can open the door!

The Jannie said...

Typical bent broadcasting company fare: more talk from "experts" than action. I'm an unwilling viewer because the memsahib watches and I'm in the same room doing important things like reading and commenting on blogs!

A K Haart said...

Scrobs - have a care, watching paint dry could become an Olympic event. Points deducted for blinking and for touching the paint to see if it has dried.

Jannie - your situation sounds similar to mine although Mrs H doesn't watch the Olympics and wears headphones when she watches TV, which makes it far less distracting.