Tuesday, 27 July 2021

A wind-up toy pointed this way and that

Donald Forbes has an interesting take on Joe Biden in Comment Central.

One of the depressing things about Joe Biden is that he is a pure product of politics. Half a century devoted entirely to the pursuit of votes and office must shrivel whatever humanity a man is born with. There is no sign Biden ever had the time or the breadth of imagination to read a book for pleasure. Now he is a physical and mental shadow of his mediocre heyday, a wind-up toy pointed this way and that by advisors who have their own agendas and whichever political current is strongest on his side of the political tracks which at the moment is the progressive left.

Whatever Biden's mental state now, he was never presidential material, never likely to rise above the role of puppet. Which, we may assume, is all the Swamp ever wanted. The whole piece is well worth reading.

What are we to make of the Democratic party which made such a man its contender for the world's most powerful office; or of his wife who allowed it to happen and now has to nurse him through the job? Whenever she is out sight, Biden asks, "where's Jill?"

The answer to all of these 'what are we to make of' questions is narrative. What the voter sees in front of him is just an illusion until packaged as a narrative that is repeated so many times in so many places that it becomes a truth.


James Higham said...

Simply put, as he audits revealed, he was never elected.

DiscoveredJoys said...

For some reason I'm reminded of the legend of El Cid.

From Wikipedia: "After his demise, but still during the siege of Valencia, legend holds that Jimena ordered that the corpse of El Cid be fitted with his armour and set on his horse Babieca, to bolster the morale of his troops."

Scrobs. said...

I don't think anyone believed the election wasn't rigged, but as an old clown like Biden was shoved to the front, all they had to do was keep on cheating the US people. Most of them don't care anyway.

It's the nasty people behind closed doors who are the real culprits, but even when they lie through their teeth, again, nobody bothers much.

'Bye bye' Miss American pie...

wiggiatlarge said...

All may well be true, but whoever is pulling the strings now has a problem, if Biden's evident and increasing decline carries on they will have to retire him, they obviously misjudged what was happening.
But who replaces him, the 'laughing policewoman' who nobody wanted to have the job even among the Democrats and then somehow wound up as VP, it would be the same level of politician in charge as if 'crayons' got the job here, politics has hit an all time low.

A K Haart said...

James - that's where my money would go if I had to place a bet on it.

DJ - ah that's a thought - maybe Joe has special reinforced suits which stand up by themselves and support him.

Scrobs - yes, nobody seems to bother much. As if most people know it makes little difference who is there and the hostility to Trump was because he did make a difference.

Wiggia - she must have landed the role for a reason, but what it is I don't know. Maybe she is seen as the best standby puppet or maybe she has a particularly nasty job to do when Joe goes.