Saturday, 10 July 2021

Net Zero Cookery Corner

This is another post in our occasional series on net zero cookery - a domestic catering regime we must become familiar with if we are to push on with our green revolution. Don’t forget – progress means sacrifice means opportunity.

As we know, the kettle is no longer a feasible kitchen gadget as it consumes too much electricity merely to boil a paltry amount of water. However even the kettle may be upcycled into another, far more planet-friendly gadget. Just think laterally. Your sadly neglected kettle could become a soup maker. That’s right – a soup maker!

Kettled Courgette Soup

Firstly we have to say that this recipe is only suited to those with access to solar power. Secondly, and this is the really clever part, the recipe can only be made on warm sunny days where our dear old sun effectively does the cooking.

To make this delicious soup, take a courgette, shred it into your kettle and add enough rainwater to cover the courgette plus a little extra. Pop in a few peas if you have them.

Some time during the middle of the day when your solar panels are pushing out plenty of watts, carefully switch on your kettle, bring your soup to the boil and that’s it. On a lovely sunny day, surprise family and friends with a delicious bowl of piping hot soup.



Sam Vega said...

Milk and sugar? And will there be a couple of biscuits? I do enjoy dunking a Rich Tea.

Scrobs. said...

First though, scour your kettle with a coarse sandpaper, to enhance the grittiness from the existing crud in the kettle.

Check the weather forecast first, as several days may elapse until said courgette gizpacho has rotted enough to be consumed...

Sackerson said...

This works, my s-i-l made one:

DiscoveredJoys said...

But but... all those living in an 'environmentally approved' cave, or trench, or grass roofed hut won't have the same access to solar panels as the less 'environmentally aware'.

A K Haart said...

Sam - we are more dark chocolate Hobnob people although we can't dunk them. Tesco Oaties can be dunked though, as long as you are a quick dunker.

Scrobs - the weather forecast is vital, otherwise that's a whole courgette wasted. And some rainwater.

Sackers - thanks, I'll bookmark that and may try it with the grandkids if we get the right weather. And a cardboard box.

DJ - good point, maybe I should have pointed out that these recipes are for posh people with a used solar panel tied to the thatch of their hut.

Andy5759 said...

I might find the time to have a go at that when I've finished slapping my laundry against the rocks.

A K Haart said...

Andy - your laundry could help flavour downstream soup making, so it might be worth checking what the upstream folk are doing first.