Saturday, 26 November 2022

Kneelers and the bull

'They were playing darts last night!': Roy Keane insists England have NO excuses for lifeless performance in USA stalemate
  • England were held to a disappointing scoreless draw by Group B rivals USA
  • Pundit Roy Keane said Gareth Southgate's side should have no excuses for result
  • He said they should have focused for the 10pm kick-off, instead of playing darts
The Kneelers appear to be as erratic and disappointing as the old England team used to be before political gestures became as essential as beating the opposition. I believe there was some dispute over a misogynist armband too, but I didn't follow that. 


Peter MacFarlane said...

Or maybe it was just a response to the suggestion that whoever loses this match has to keep Harry and Meghan.

Sam Vega said...

Young men used to be psyched up for battle with drums, fifes, and bagpipes. In sport, the coach used to lead group cheers and songs, and shout at the team to encourage them.

Perhaps we have raised a generation of athletes who cannot give of their best unless they have made all the right political gestures, and who need to feel all loving and caring for minorities and disadvantaged people before playing. No wonder the American team fielded so many black players. They know that our lot won't go in hard, for fear of injuring a valued minority. Any team fielding a transvestite would be unbeatable.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Perhaps the elite English players are used to playing other elite teams - a stately pavane around the ballroom to curry favour with those who wield patronage. I doubt that they would be fired up with even the thought of patriotism.

dearieme said...

The USA looked far fitter and more energetic than England. England will still get through because they face Wales next, who look completely out of puff. I suppose they gave their all in qualifying and don't have much left in the tank. Psychologically, I mean.

A K Haart said...

Peter - so maybe both sides played for a draw. I certainly would in those circumstances.

Sam - crikey that's a thought. Blokes in lipstick could be untouchable.

DJ - they certainly don't appear to be fired up by patriotism. Maybe the national anthem now puts a damper on it.

dearieme - yes, the USA could have won it and must be disappointed that they didn't.