Monday, 21 November 2022

How do they ever walk it back?

Dale Hurd has a CBN piece on the more demented and sinister aspects of COP27. Depressing, but short and worth reading.

Clergy Hold Multi-Faith 'Climate Repentance' Ceremony as UN Summit Wraps Up in Egypt

Climate TRACE: Tracking Carbon 'Polluters' and Possibly You

Al Gore was there pushing his new Climate Trace initiative, a global network which tracks down carbon emitters, so they can be fined or shut down...

Also during the summit, clergy held what was called the world's first multi-faith Climate Repentance ceremony to "seek forgiveness for climate sins." Activists went up Mt Sinai and smashed what were supposed to be the climate ten commandments.

Rowan Williams, the former archbishop of Canterbury said, "We've tried to formulate ten principles, what we call climate repentance - that is acknowledgment of where we've all, as a human race, fallen short."...

All of which is just as loopy as expected, but Steve Milloy sums up a key problem.

Steve Milloy, the editor of the website, asked "If you're Al Gore, if you're John Kerry, if you are any climate activist, how do you walk this back? We've been doing this for 30 years and these people have come out with the direst warnings, by the way, none of which have turned out to be true. How do they ever walk it back? They can't. They just have to just keep it going."


Sam Vega said...

I have met and had lengthy conversations with one of the people mentioned in the article. Enormously intelligent, socially skilled, well-informed, but with ridiculous blind spots and the attitudes of a sixth former when it comes to certain topics. I wonder how this happens. I suppose everyone has a datal flaw.

The Jannie said...

They don't walk it, they fly . . .

James Higham said...

Rowan Williams is a huge disappointment. Was too.

Ed P said...

I've heard the cry of the climate activist, "Only ten years to save the earth" for at least the last 50 years!
It's a jolly good thing most people can't remember what happened even a few years ago, or they might become suspicious about the veracity of these claims...

DiscoveredJoys said...

Pundits and activists never walk their views back - they focus more strongly on the immediate future and disregard the past. This time it will be different, this time it will work, etc.

I've read a few sites that post-audit economists' predictions. Few economists are any more accurate than chance. There are websites listing all the dates predicted for the end of the world, none successfully. Climate change is obviously happening all the time - if you look at data over the last couple of million years - but it is still far from clear how much of our current climate is or will be affected by the activities of man.

But for all these areas the alarmists find predictions of recession, the apocalypse, and the desertification of the world (that still above the rising waters) much more beguiling. And those that are not beguiled by these dark enchantments must be evil deniers, otherwise all the anguish is exposed as self pleasuring fantasies.

johnd2008 said...

Lead by example Climate Doomsters. When they no longer emit CO2 or Methane which they allege are destroying the planet I will start doing something about my emissions. I am not the one scooting around the world on a private jet or luxury limousine.

Scrobs. said...

It's a prime case of 'follow the money'!

Nutter scientist claims there's too much Co2, rich nutter believes him, pays scientist nutter to do a graph. Sells graph to thick politician, also a nutter, and hey-presto, a market is formed, and more nutters buy into it all.

Futures are negotiated, then sold on and millionaires like Kerry and Gore just spout their twaddle at every opportunity!

I'm surprised the clergy got on the band wagon though - I thought they'd booked their place in heaven years ago!

A K Haart said...

Sam - I know someone rather like that. Hasn't scaled such heights, but he can't believe that nice middle class BBC folk would misinform him. Erudite in many ways, but far too conventional to avoid those blind spots.

Jannie - in private jets.

James - yes, too conventional for the role.

Ed - and those failed predictions as so easily checked, but people just don't do it.

DJ - we used to make fun of "The End Is Nigh" stereotypes, but for some reason the media now choose to take them seriously and others see them as opportunities. I'm not sure when it began, but it seems to have been going on for decades.

John - that's it, they don't even follow their own advice. Even protesters only seem interested in futile gestures when it comes to their own contribution.

Scrobs - "Nutter scientist claims there's too much Co2, rich nutter believes him, pays scientist nutter to do a graph. Sells graph to thick politician, also a nutter, and hey-presto, a market is formed, and more nutters buy into it all."

Ha ha - that's it in a nutshell.